The NYSPCC's 2023 Spring Luncheon is being held on April 27, 2023 at the Pierre Hotel, NYC.

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Featuring experts on Sextortion:

Laura Riso, M.A. - Victim Specialist & Victim Services Division Relief Supervisor, FBI

Victim Specialist Laura Riso started her FBI career in 1998 and currently works in the New York Field Office.  For the past 16 years she has provided tailored direct services to over 1,000 federal crime victims, in over 500 FBI investigations, as a highly experienced and skilled victim services provider. 

 As a Victim Specialist, Laura coordinates and provides direct services to victims and survivors of the following federal crimes: Human Trafficking, Violent Crimes Against Children (i.e. Child Sexual Abuse Materials, Sextortion, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), Violent Crime (i.e. Stalking, Threats, Bank Robberies, Sextortion), Domestic and International Terrorism, Civil Rights Violations (i.e. Hate Crimes, Color of Law), Fraud (i.e. Identity Theft, Mortgage Fraud, Securities Fraud, Romance Scams, and Telemarketing Fraud), Cyber Crime (i.e. Internet Fraud, Business E-mail Compromises, and Computer Intrusion), Transnational Organized Crime, and Crimes Aboard Aircraft and Cruise Ships. 

 Laura Riso is also an active participant on two anti-trafficking task forces in NYC and serves as a relief supervisor in the FBI's Victim Service Division.

Erica T. Bell, LMSW - Victim Specialist, FBI

Erica Bell is a Victim Specialist in the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In her role Erica serves as an expert in the coordination and delivery of trauma- informed victim-centered services to federal victims of crime. Guided by 10 years of experience, Erica educates survivors, and their families on the criminal justice system, trauma response, and pathways to healing from violation and exploitation.

While simultaneously serving as a Victim Specialist, Erica maintains a career as a Psychotherapist in private practice. In this role she provides individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults living with severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Erica received her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Stony Brook University and her Master of Science in Social Work degree from Columbia University. Erica is currently licensed as a Master Level Social Worker in the state of Georgia.

James R. Marsh - Attorney, Founder of Marsh Law Firm PLLC

James is an American attorney who has been licensed to practice law for over thirty years. A University of Michigan Law School graduate, James represents victims and survivors of sex abuse in religious, educational, governmental, and military institutions; campus sexual assault and rape, online sexual exploitation; child pornography; sextortion and revenge porn.

His case on compensation for victims of child pornography in federal criminal restitution proceedings was decided by the United States Supreme Court in 2014. That case, United States v. Paroline, led to the Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act of 2018 which passed the House and Senate by unanimous consent and was signed into law on December 7, 2018.

James founded the nationally recognized Children’s Law Center in Washington, DC, and is an experienced trial attorney, and frequent commentator, lecturer, and author on legal issues affecting children and victims of sex abuse and exploitation. He founded the Marsh Law Firm in New York which is recognized worldwide for its work helping sexually abused victims and survivors obtain justice and rebuild their lives with dignity and respect.

Join us for an informative discussion on Sextortion!