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What We Do

The NYSPCC's caring team of highly-skilled clinicians and professional staff provides an array of services to children, families, child welfare professionals, and other concerned community members. These services include therapeutic supervised visitation; trauma-focused counseling; school-based child sexual abuse prevention workshops; crisis debriefing for child welfare staff; best-practice training; research and evaluation; advocacy; and the maintenance of The NYSPCC'S Archives.

Clinical Services

The NYSPCC's team of highly skilled licensed therapists provides trauma-focused services to children and families through our Therapeutic Supervised Visitation Program and our Trauma Recovery Program; supports child welfare professionals through our Crisis Debriefing and Bereavement Program; and trains emerging social workers through our Student Intern Program.

The Training Institute

The NYSPCC's Training Institute is dedicated to equipping children, parents, and professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to help keep children safe from abuse and neglect. We believe in the importance of research and programming that produces results. All of our trainings, services, and materials are research-informed or evidence-based.

Research and Evaluation

The NYSPCC is dedicated to helping children and families by implementing and evaluating models of treatment that are effective and accessible for treating complex trauma, and reducing child abuse and neglect. Through lectures, presentations, workshops, and publications, The NYSPCC shares the knowledge gains of its research with other organizations and professionals dedicated to child protection.


The NYSPCC Archives is one of the nation’s most valuable repositories of original and compiled material on the origins, history and development of the child protection movement. The mission of The NYSPCC Archives is to arrange, preserve, and make accessible the unique records of the organization, including files concerning approximately two million New York City children from 1874 to present.


Since its founding in 1875, The NYSPCC has been in the forefront of advocacy efforts for laws and policies that seek a safer and healthier environment for all children.  We engage in advocacy efforts on a broad variety of fronts, including legislative advocacy, litigation support, and public awareness campaigns.

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