Robin Hood Phase 2 of FUEL for 50

The NYSPCC is excited to announce that we have been selected for Phase 2 of FUEL for 50, Robin Hood Foundation’s Fund for Early Learning initiative. The award will help us enhance our Therapeutic Supervised Visitation Program’s capacity to serve high-risk families with children ages 0-3. We will provide parents and their young children, who are in critical stages of development, the opportunity to form more secure bonds. Additionally, funding will support the implementation of a novel support program for custodial parents participating in supervised visitation services. The program was designed specifically for parents affected by complex trauma to help them respond to their children’s social and emotional needs. Using multi-modal data, our Research and Evaluation Department will assess program effectiveness across domains critical to understanding family risk and resiliency. Considering the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on physical and mental health and life expectancy outcomes, particularly for young children, this funding will support essential service improvements for children and families.