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Parent Workshops and Resources

Our comprehensive workshops are designed to provide educational opportunities for parents and caregivers on how best to keep their children safe. And our user-friendly resources for parents and caregivers are designed to support them in communicating with their children and keeping them safe.

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

  • Our 60-minute child sexual abuse and online sexual exploitation prevention workshops are designed to equip parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to talk with their child about body safety, sexual abuse and online child sexual exploitation in an age-appropriate way. Parents and caregivers will learn about child sexual abuse myths, facts and statistics, grooming and warning signs, and how to effectively respond if their child discloses abuse.

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Donate Today!

Donating $3,000 provides a 12-week series of Parenting Journey workshops, which provide education and peer support for parents to learn self-care and parenting skills.