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Professional Trainings and Resources

The Training Institute offers a variety of trainings designed to build capacity and support the professional development of social service agencies and staff in preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect. We also provide in-depth training on the implementation of our best practice models so that other agencies can replicate our research-informed and evidence-based programs.

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

  • Our child sexual abuse prevention trainings are designed to give staff the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to prevent, identify, and report sexual abuse and online child sexual exploitation. Approved for CEU credits.

Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Our identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect trainings are approved by the New York State Department of Education to teach mandated reporters and school personnel how to identify signs of abuse and neglect and understand their legal obligations for reporting under Social Service law and Education Law Article 23B. Approved for NYS Certificate of Completion.

Working with Children and Families

  • Our clinical trainings on working with children and families cover a range of topics, including: Supporting Youth to Cope with Grief and Loss, Understanding Attachment, and Working with Child Sexual Abuse Survivors and Their Families. Approved for CEU credits.

Supporting Yourself and Others

  • Our clinical trainings on the self-care and overall wellness of youth-serving professionals, include Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress and Coping with Grief and Loss. Approved for CEU credits.

Safe Touches Implementation and Facilitation Training©

  • Safe Touches© is an evidence-based, age-appropriate child sexual abuse prevention program designed for children in kindergarten through third grade. The Safe Touches Implementation and Facilitation Training offers agencies who wish to purchase the program model and implement the Safe Touches program an in-depth training on all aspects of implementation and facilitation. The multi-day trainings will walk participants through implementation logistics, puppeteering, facilitation, and engagement.

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Restoring Resiliency Response Implementation and Facilitation Training©

  • The Restoring Resiliency Response (RRR)© protocol was developed to specifically support child protection and other front-line staff to mitigate the impact of a critical incident and accelerate recovery through individual or group debriefing sessions. The RRR Implementation and Facilitation Training was designed to support agencies who wish to purchase the program model and implement the RRR Protocol. The multi-day training discusses programmatic elements, such as obtaining buy-in, outreach and promotion, scheduling and staffing, supervision and training, and monitoring and evaluation.

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Consultations and Policy Reviews

  • The NYSPCC can provide schools and youth serving organizations with support and guidance on any child safety issue. Working collaboratively with leadership teams and staff, we can provide expert clinical, programmatic, policy and legal consultation to help ensure children are protected and organizations safeguarded.

Professional Handbooks and Resources

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